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When you have a water line issue, you'll need a plumber in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas fast. At Craig Faulk Plumbing LLC, you can get professional water line repair in Rochester NY right away because emergency plumbing is our specialty.

Places Where Leaks Occur in a Home

Water moves into a home through various water lines. In some spaces, these lines are accessible, and in others areas, there are pipes concealed behind walls and inside ceilings. If you know how to find leaks, you can quickly schedule an appointment for water line services before the water causes major damage. The following locations are where leaks commonly start in an average home:

  • Water pipes: There are water pipes inside and outside your home that can crack or burst. In the winter, any outside pipes without protection will be very vulnerable as they can burst if the water freezes. Cracking and splitting occur as water hardens and expands inside of a vulnerable pipe.
  • Water heater: When a water heater is over 15 years old, it can develop a leak. The only way to perform a leak inspection is by removing the drain pipe. However, an inspection won't be needed if you discover a puddle under your water heater.
  • Toilet: Water can escape from different areas around a toilet. The most complicated leak occurs underneath the seal on the floor. This type of leak will require repair services from a plumber.
  • Sinks and showers: Every sink and shower has a water supply line that's sealed with caulking. The caulking can wear out, and when this happens, the water in the lines will soak the floor.

Problems That Cause Leaks

Most pipes will leak once they reach a certain age. However, there are key situations that can cause sudden leaks earlier.

Foundation shifts only affect homeowners who stay in a vintage house. If your home is over a decade old, soil shifts may affect your underground plumbing system. Although the shifts are small, they can move water lines, and these adjustments can rupture or disconnect vulnerable pipes.

If there are many trees on your property, their roots could cause a leak underground by evading certain pipes. This type of leak happens gradually as long tree roots burrow into the water lines.

Another problem that causes a leak is high water pressure. When intense waves of water rush through delicate pipes, the high pressure generates a lot of wear and tear in the water lines.

Corrosion is a common issue that affects certain types of pipes in older homes. If you have aged galvanized steel or copper pipes, you should inspect them for leaks annually because they're susceptible to rust.

If you need a plumber for another job or project, we can help. As a full-service plumbing company, we provide water leak repair as well as the following services:

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