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Professional Drain Cleaning in Rochester, NY, and Nearby Areas

A plumber in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas is exactly the professional that you need to take care of clogged drains. Attempting to unclog drains yourself can result in making the problem even worse. Ignoring the problem is a worse idea as it can lead to burst pipes and water damage. When it comes to dealing with these issues, consult Craig Faulks Plumbing right away.

Here's why you should contact our drain cleaning company:

We Offer Cost-Effective Drain Cleaning Options

Through careful inspections of your plumbing system, we can discover the source of the clog and choose the best method for removing it. Sometimes this might mean using a device that will fit through the pipe and yank it out. Other times, the clog may require special means of removal.

No matter how tough the clog is to remove or what time of day it is when you need the pipe unclogged, we can help. Drain snaking allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the clog. This then gives us an opportunity to choose the best repair option for your custom needs.

We Are Experienced In Dealing With Any Clogged Drain

If you think that your drain might have the beginning of a clog in it, then it's important to know the signs. Early detection allows you to have drain cleaning in Rochester, NY, and nearby areas performed sooner rather than later. Not only does this limit the chance of a backup, but it also helps protect your pipes.

One of the signs of a clogged drain is slow drainage in the sink, tub, or source of the drain. While sometimes it may take the water some time to fully drain because of its volume, if you notice that the water is draining slower than it usually does, then it could be due to a clog.

Another sign that a drain may be clogging is if water starts to move up out of the drain. This also means that you're close to having a backup flow of water. Depending on the source of water, this could potentially be unhealthy. Backed-up toilets, for example, can expose your bathroom to harmful bacteria and viruses.

One last sign that your drain may be forming a clog is if there is a residue left behind at the bottom of the sink or tub. When a tub, for example, has drains that are forming a clog, it can no longer empty itself out as well. Any dirt or scum that was washed away during the bath will linger on the bottom of the tub or near the drain.

We Serve Rochester, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

We offer drain cleaning services in the following areas in New York:

If you live in any of these areas and are experiencing problems with your drains, then reach out to Craig Faulks Plumbing right away.

Other Services We Provide

Besides cleaning your drains, we have other services we offer like:

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Call us when you need drain cleaning in Rochester, NY, or any of the other service areas that we listed above. Craig Faulks Plumbing LLC is devoted to providing high-quality and friendly service for all of our customers. We can locate problems, provide maintenance, give plumbing advice, repair problems, and ensure clog-free drains.

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