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We Offer Water Heater Repair in Gates, NY

Taking care of water heater repair and installation, Craig Faulks Plumbing can provide a plumber to have your hot water issues solved. Our staff can take care of any problems you have from gas or electric water heaters. Work with your trusted plumber in Gates, NY, for all your plumbing needs in the local area.

Water Heater Systems

A tankless water heater may be the solution for you when it comes time to replace the system. Energy efficiency is one of the greater benefits of installing a tankless design for hot water solutions. They only heat the water as someone is using it. The system doesn't need a tank to store hot water, which makes it easy to install the system anywhere you want it.

Conventional water heaters use a supply reservoir that stores the water for use. An electric model will use heating elements that keep the water hot inside the tank to a designated temperature setting. Gas-fired units use a tank with a burner at the base that cycles on and off with the desired temperature setting.

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to transfer heat from the air into a holding tank at a higher temperature. They are more efficient than traditional water heaters. Another advantage of heat pump water systems is the ability to switch the system from high-demand to hybrid mode to save energy.

Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in Gates, NY

Heat pump water heater systems will have some noise from the fan and compressor. A problem with unusual noises could be mineral or sediment buildup on the heating elements. They must be replaced by water heater services. A faulty compressor means that it could be caused by a refrigerant leak. You will need to call our service for water heater repair in Gates, NY.

Conventional water heaters can have heating elements burn out inside the tank that requires water heater services to replace them on electric systems. Gas supplied systems can stop heating water when the pilot light has gone out on the unit. The gas valve or the thermocouple going bad on the unit can cause it. You will need it checked by a plumber in Gates, NY, from Craig Faulks Plumbing.

Water heater storage tanks can wear out over time. Most electric and gas water heaters will last from 10 to 15 years before water heater replacement is needed. Sediment and mineral buildup in the tank can cause the reservoir to start leaking at the bottom. It will require a new water heater installation by our staff.

The biggest problem with tankless water heaters is hard water. It can lead to mineral buildup within the system that can make it useless. Flushing the system monthly can help prevent mineral buildup. Consider installing a whole house water softener to help stop the problem from happening again.

Tankless water systems have many small parts that can cause problems. A homeowner should contact our professional plumbing service when issues arise with the system. Our staff can repair it for you when we service the system.

Contact Craig Faulks Plumbing for Water Heater Repair in Gates, NY

You can’t get things done without a steady supply of hot water. You need it for the dishwasher and washing machine. You have to have it to shower and take a bath. Hot water is a necessity that we can’t live without.

Our professional staff is dedicated to all of our customers, both business and residential clients. You can depend on us when your hot water system breaks down. Whether you need new water heater systems or major repairs, Craig Faulks Plumbing is the service to contact for water heater repair in Gates, NY. Give us a call at 585-752-3511. We also specialize in plumbing, drain cleaning, and water line repair in the local area, including:

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